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Can AI-Pin ‘Really’ Replace the Smartphones?

Can AI-Pin ‘Really’ Replace the Smartphones?


It’s been a while since we have seen the claim of a new revolutionary technology that will be the end of smartphones. The first attempt to kill smartphones was made by VR but it failed miserably. The second one is made by Humane through a wearable device powered by AI – the AI-pin.

The AI-pin device is available to be purchased in the US market. We, like other tech geeks, were curious and went on to purchase the new revolutionary device (pun intended). We have been using it for some days now. So, what’s the deal with it?

This wearable device is designed by an ex-Apple employee and it is like an AI assistant that works over an internet carrier and is pinned to your clothes. It can do almost anything you want to do from your smartphone. So, that sounds like an end to the smartphones? Hold on. That may not be true. But let’s find out what lies beneath.

What are the tasks that Humane can perform?

Humane is integrated by OpenAI’s ChatGPT. It can do anything that your smartphone’s AI assistant can do with just your voice.

Sending emails, and messages, getting a weather report, and asking for suggestions are what it can do from a sea of other things. 

A life without a screen 

We all know the smartphone shuffle – the constant glances for no specific reason. AI-pin can change this pattern we are following. 

Worn discreetly, this pin liberates you from the constant grip of a handheld device. It’s not just a convenience upgrade; it’s an invitation to look up, engage with the world, and let technology enhance your life without overshadowing it.

Humane comes with a projector that throws an intuitive UI customized for Humane over an opaque surface. The buttons on the UI can be selected using the sensors on the device itself.

Although the projection lamp is there, you might not need it for day-to-day tasks because the voice assistant is efficient enough.

Privacy isn’t compromised

Privacy matters and Humane gets that. 

In an era where our every move seems to be tracked, this device operates on a decentralized network, putting your privacy front and center. Your data stays secure, and you can utilize intelligent and sophisticated AI assistants for your tasks without worrying that your data might be sold out to some greedy businesses.

This commitment to privacy isn’t just a feature; it’s a statement by Humane. It reflects an understanding that our personal space, even in the digital realm, deserves respect. 

A personal health partner

The AI-pin can go beyond the ‘connect and communicate’ mantra of smartphones. It’s not just about staying in touch with friends, family, or the latest trends; it’s about staying connected to yourself. With sensors that monitor your health, you can track your activity through AI-pin that offers real-time insights. This AI wearable assistant can become your personal doctor if the data is precise. 

We compared the devices on two different people and the results were satisfactory for a device of this size and multi-functionality.

The device can actually be your health partner. In a world that often pushes us to prioritize speed and connectivity, this device prompts users to pause and reflect on their well-being.

Made from recyclable material

In a world drowning in electronic waste, the AI-pin by Humans takes a sustainable stance. Crafted from eco-friendly materials and designed with modularity in mind, it’s not just a device but it’s claimed to be a commitment to a greener tech future. After all, the tech should evolve without leaving a trail of environmental footprints.

The modular design isn’t just about repairability; it’s an acknowledgment that our gadgets don’t have to be disposable. Instead of discarding an entire device when a part becomes obsolete, this device allows for upgrades, extending its lifespan and reducing the environmental impact. It’s a small step, but in the grand dance of sustainability, every move counts.

What does the device promise?

As we stand at the crossroads of technological evolution, this AI-powered personal assistant isn’t just a replacement for smartphones; it’s a gentle nudge toward a more thoughtful relationship with technology. It’s not about upgrading; it’s about redefining.

The promise of the Humane extends beyond the tangible features of a device. It’s an invitation to imagine a world where connectivity is seamless and intelligent and respects our need for privacy and balance. It’s about embracing a lifestyle where tech enhances, rather than detracts from, the human experience.


The Bottom Line?

The idea behind the technology is great in itself and the implementation too. In the end, it comes down to the value it can provide. People are usually excited about the new tech but once they have to pay for it the excitement doesn’t usually remain the same as we have seen with the foldables. But can it provide the value for its $699 price tag? In our opinion, yes, it can. But replacing the smartphones will take a lot of hard work and time.


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