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FFXIV: How to Unlock The Gilded Araya Trial



Final Fantasy FFXIV has a variety of fighting duties, with Trials as one of the main activities. The Gilded Araya was added in Patch 6.55, pitting an eight-player squad against Asura. The Gilded Araya is a level 90 Trial in Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker that ends the Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures quest line.

How to Unlock The Gilded Araya Trial in Final Fantasy 14

In the Gilded Araya trial, you’ll encounter the Primal Asura, a warrior goddess with six arms. Let’s look at how to unlock the Gilded Arya Trial in Final Fantasy 14.

The Gilded Araya Trial is part of the main content, so you must own the Endwalker expansion and be at least level 90 to unlock it. Once you have reached the level, you must complete the Manderville quests to unlock the trials. Before you may jump into The Gilded Araya and face battle with Asura, you must complete the mission “Gentleman at Heart,” which begins with the prerequisite quest “Of Duplicity and Duplication” provided by Delion in Radz-at-Han.

To enter the fight, you must have an item level of at least 625. If you don’t want to farm Savage Raids or Relic Weapons to get there, you can buy them from the Market Board or make them. They are pretty pricey, so expect to lose some Gil. If you are running low on Gil, you can purchase FFXIV Gil at at the cheapest price.

The Gilded Araya Walkthrough Asura’s Mechanics

Asura is not an Extreme Trial, yet planning for her particular challenges is safer. The fight focuses on damaging the arena’s main boss while avoiding strikes from a larger, secondary Asura on the outside perimeter. Below, we’ve detailed all of Asura’s attacks.


  • Lower Realm (Roomwide AoE)

 This attack has a room-wide AoE. It causes damage to all party members while also covering the arena’s edge in an AoE that causes damage to any players who touch it.


  • Cutting Jewel (AoE Tankbuster)

 This attack Deals significant damage in a small radius surrounding Asura’s primary target. Use defensive cooldowns to reduce the damage.


  • Ephemerality(Roomwide AoE)

 In this attack, Asura summons clones of herself to deal damage to all party members before leaving after images at specific spots. After a brief time, these afterimages will launch another circular AoE attack. To prevent damage, move away from Asura’s clones.


 This attack has a ring-based area of effect. Asura generates several consecutive ring AoEs. Stand between the ring’s AoEs to avoid taking damage.


  • Iconic Transcendence (Special)

 In the later phases of the fights, Asura will use Iconic Transcendence to make the clone move before executing Iconic Execution. Paying attention to incoming strikes and moving accordingly to avoid them, replicating the clone’s actions is important.


  • Six-bladed Khadga (Sequential Half-circle AoEs)

 Asura will place six half-circle AoEs on the ground in a precise order before cutting them with her blades. To dodge each AoE, memorise their order and move accordingly. These attacks deliver significant damage and cause Vulnerability, so being struck by two AoEs in a row could be lethal. The second set of three AoEs is a duplicate of the first, so you only need to recall one sequence and then repeat it to dodge all six.


 Asura will call a giant clone of herself in the back of the arena, who will employ Iconic Execution to combine strikes with her.

Iconic Execution: The clone will deal damage in a large circular AoE surrounding itself, covering the arena on its side. Move far away from the clone to avoid it.

Asura’s Iconography attacks include Pedestal Purge (Pointblank AoE), Wheel of Deincarnation (Ring AoE), and Bladewise (Line AoE). You can avoid the first attack by moving away from the boss and the other two attacks by getting closer to her.


  • Myriad Aspects (Sequential Cone AoEs)

 In this attack, Asura will build two sets of cone-shaped AoEs around herself, which will explode after a brief wait. Avoid the first set, then move on to the second set when it is safe.


 Asura will fire a succession of line AoEs from her front, spinning as she does so. To evade the barrage of AoEs, get behind the boss and follow her movements.


  • The Face of Wrath / The Face of Delight (AoE)

 Asura divides the arena into red and blue halves. Then, a red or blue face will display on your screen to indicate which side of the arena is dangerous. To dodge this AoE, move to the opposite side of the arena from the face that emerges.

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The Gilded Araya Trial Tips and Tricks

Facing Asura in The Gilded Araya is relatively simple compared to previous Trials, but it still presents some challenges to the party. Here are the primary skills Asura uses during the fight, which every team member should know.


  • Ephemerality: Asura slashes through the party, hurting everyone and casting shadows throughout the arena. You must avoid the shadows, which indicate where AoE attacks will occur.


  • Iconography skills: Asura’s primary mechanic is her usage of “Iconography” abilities. These will begin when a gigantic replica of her appears outside the arena. Pay attention to which skill she is casting to determine where the safe spot is for the larger version of the attack.



  • Six-Bladed Khadga: When Asura employs this attack, she will execute six 180-degree attacks in a predetermined order. They are simple to evade, but you must pay attention to the sequence she demonstrates on the ground before casting the talent.


  • The Face of Wrath and The Face of Delight: This is a relatively simple strike to avoid, but it can catch you off guard if you’re not cautious. To avoid taking damage from the attack, remain on the side opposite the color of the face revealed to the party.


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