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How Has AI Improved Your Daily Time Management?


How Has AI Improved Your Daily Time Management?

Exploring the transformative impact of artificial intelligence on time management, we reached out to a diverse group of founders, CEOs, and marketing experts for their personal experiences. From the streamlined scheduling of Trello to the meeting efficiency of Otter, discover the top thirteen AI tools and applications these professionals recommend optimizing your daily routine.

  • Trello: AI-Powered Scheduling 
  • Todoist: AI-Driven Task Management
  • Clockwise: Optimizing Time Management
  • Notion AI: Project Management Assistant
  • ClickUp: Automating Task Management
  • Harpa AI: Instant Browser Assistant
  • SEO and PPC Tools: Streamlining Content Creation
  • SaneBox: AI Email Management
  • Evernote: AI-Enhanced Note Organization
  • AI Analytics: Identifying Workflow Bottlenecks
  • Motion: Smart Calendar for Productivity
  • Google Translate and DeepL: Saving Translation Time
  • Otter: AI for Meeting Efficiency


Trello: AI-Powered Scheduling 

AI has significantly enhanced our daily time management at One example is the implementation of AI-powered scheduling assistants. These assistants analyze our calendars, prioritize tasks, and suggest optimal meeting times based on availability and preferences, saving us valuable time previously spent coordinating schedules manually.

One specific tool I highly recommend for this purpose is Trello. Trello’s intuitive task management features, coupled with AI-powered plugins, can automate repetitive tasks, prioritize workflows, and provide valuable insights into time allocation, ultimately improving our overall time management efficiency.

Alex Uspenskyi, Founder & CTO, Elai


Todoist: AI-Driven Task Management

The integration of AI into my daily time management has yielded substantial enhancements through the automation of tedious duties and the provision of insightful guidance on how to efficiently prioritize my caseload. An explicit instrument that I strongly endorse for this objective is Todoist. 

Todoist is an application for task management that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to organize tasks, establish priorities, and propose deadlines through the utilization of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms, all in response to user input.

Todoist facilitates the process of task capture and categorization, due date establishment, and the creation of recurring reminders for critical deadlines. By virtue of its user-friendly interface and intelligent functionalities, including personalized productivity reports and automated task scheduling, it facilitates my daily organization and concentration. Through the utilization of AI-powered task management applications such as Todoist, one can enhance workflow efficiency, bolster productivity, and attain a more harmonious equilibrium between professional and personal life.

James Velco, Tech Enthusiast, Founder and Principal, TechNoir CIO Solutions


Clockwise Optimizes Time Management

In my daily routine, AI has revolutionized how I manage time efficiently. One remarkable example is utilizing AI-powered scheduling assistants that analyze my calendar, prioritize tasks, and suggest optimal time slots for meetings and tasks. 

This AI tool—Clockwise—has significantly reduced the time spent on manual scheduling, allowing me to focus on more strategic activities. By leveraging artificial intelligence and machine-learning algorithms, tools like Clockwise can streamline task management and automate time-blocking, ultimately improving productivity. For individuals seeking to enhance their time management skills, Clockwise is a recommended tool that can help prioritize tasks and manage schedules effectively.

Anna Shults, Co-Founder & CMO, Springs


Notion AI: Project Management Assistant

I’ve found Notion AI to be an incredible tool for managing my time effectively. It’s like having a personal project-management assistant. Notion helps me allocate tasks, collaborate with my team, and plan projects in detail. Plus, it saves me time by updating task lists, writing documents, and coordinating strategies. It’s a game-changer for productivity.

Muhammad Muzammil Rawjani, Co-Founder, TechnBrains


ClickUp: Automating Task Management

At TechnoLynx, we use ClickUp to coordinate our work, so it made sense for me to explore and utilize its time-management features to help keep me organized and in control of my time. There are many ways it helps on this front, from time tracking and integration with other calendar apps, to its ability to help manage my schedule with time blocking, color-coding, and prioritizing. 

Where ClickUp’s AI enhances my time management even further is in its functionality to automate manual and repetitive tasks and updates. I’m able to be more efficient during my day by leveraging AI to automate progress updates and subtask planning. The team, too, is more productive as AI can be used to create status reports and automatically generate action items, eliminating some of our stand-ups. Regaining this time from our weeks has given us more time for focused, deep work.

Balázs Keszthelyi, Founder & CEO, TechnoLynx


Harpa AI: Instant Browser Assistant

AI has revolutionized my daily time management, making tasks quicker and more efficient. Among the tools I’ve found incredibly helpful is Harpa AI. It acts like an instant assistant within my browser, allowing me to access it without switching tabs. 

The feature I find most beneficial is its ability to quickly summarize the content I’m viewing, from articles to YouTube videos. This capability saves me an immense amount of time, enhancing my work and personal life. Harpa AI is a tool I highly recommend for anyone looking to improve their time management through AI.

Amar Ghose, CEO, ZenMaid


SEO and PPC Tools: Streamlining Content Creation

Leveraging AI for time management has transformed how I navigate my daily workflow in the digital marketing realm. A game-changer has been utilizing AI-powered tools for content creation and analysis, notably for SEO and PPC campaigns. 

These applications, like AI content planners and analyzers, streamline the ideation and evaluation process, significantly reducing the time spent on these tasks. This efficiency boost allows me to focus on strategy and innovation, underscoring AI’s role as a crucial ally in managing time effectively.

Ryan Doser, Co-Founder, AI Insider Tips


SaneBox: AI Email Management

Incorporating AI into my daily routine has significantly streamlined my workflow, particularly in managing my inbox, which is a notorious time-sink. SaneBox has been a game-changer for me. It uses AI to analyze my email patterns and then automatically sorts incoming emails into various folders based on their importance and relevance. This means I spend less time sifting through irrelevant emails and more time focusing on high-priority communications. 

The result? A more organized inbox and a vastly improved time-management system that allows me to dedicate more effort to strategy and client relations. I would highly recommend SaneBox to anyone looking to optimize their email management and reclaim valuable time in their day.

Alex Taylor, Head of Marketing, SEO Specialists, CrownTV


Evernote: AI-Enhanced Note Organization

Evernote employs AI to take my note-taking to the next level. It automatically categorizes notes, suggests tags, and even highlights connections between different notes, making it easier to organize and retrieve information quickly. 

This AI-driven organization saves me considerable time searching for information and helps surface relevant notes when I need them, enhancing my productivity and ensuring that no insight is lost. Evernote’s ability to turn a collection of notes into an easily navigable knowledge base showcases the power of AI in enhancing personal organization and information management.

Phil Strazzulla, Founder, SelectSoftware Reviews


AI Analytics: Identifying Workflow Bottlenecks

AI can really shine a light on where you’re hitting bottlenecks in your daily routine. When you’re using a tool to log how you spend your time, AI-driven analytics can personalize recommendations based on which workflows are harming your efficiency the most. Even for tasks that can’t be automated, AI can help open your eyes to where you can better dedicate your time to maximize your outputs with tailored recommendations.

Robert Kaskel, Chief People Officer, Checkr


Motion: Smart Calendar for Productivity

AI has enhanced my daily time management by automating and streamlining various aspects of my schedule throughout the workweek.

One particularly useful tool that I recommend for planning my workday ahead of time and optimizing productivity is a smart calendar application like Motion. This AI-powered calendar app utilizes machine-learning algorithms to analyze my past scheduling patterns, prioritize tasks, and suggest optimal time slots for meetings and appointments. 

It can also integrate with other productivity tools such as task managers and email clients, further enhancing efficiency by centralizing all my work-related activities in one place. With AI assistance, I can better allocate my time, minimize conflicts, and focus on high-priority tasks, ultimately enabling me to accomplish more in less time.

Mike Womack, Digital Operations and Merchandising Manager, Premier Safety


Google Translate and DeepL: Saving Translation Time

AI-based language translation tools like Google Translate or DeepL help me communicate with people from different language backgrounds more efficiently. 

Whether I’m reading foreign-language documents or participating in multilingual meetings, these tools enable seamless communication and save me time that would otherwise be spent translating text manually.

David Boyd, Co-founder, Frequent Flyer Credit Cards


Otter: AI for Meeting Efficiency

Lately, I’ve been using AI to help manage my day-to-day tasks, and Otter has played a part in that. It’s handy for a few reasons. When it comes to meetings, being able to mark important points directly on the transcripts helps me remember what needs to be done without having to go back and listen to everything again.

If I’m unable to attend a meeting, Otter can take notes for me, which means I’m less likely to miss something important. The chat feature is also useful for getting quick answers from past meetings, which saves time when I need to find specific information.

Finally, the summaries Otter sends out after meetings help keep everyone updated without requiring extra effort to draft an email to the team. It’s been a useful tool for staying organized, especially when juggling multiple meetings in a week.

Erman Kuplu, CEO, Analyzify


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