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Mobile Legend Indonesia: A Comprehensive Guide to the Esports Scene


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has captured the hearts of gamers in Indonesia, becoming one of the country’s most celebrated mobile games even surpassing previous powerhouse such as Dota and World of Warcraft. It is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that allows players to engage in 5v5 battles with a wide selection of heroes. The strategic depth, combined with the accessibility of gameplay, has enabled players of all skill levels to enjoy the excitement of competing against one another on the virtual battlefield. The low spec requirement means that majority of the population can enjoy this game without shelling out top dollar for a good phone thus increasing the player pool.

The popularity of Mobile Legends in Indonesia is evident through the game’s strong community and the success of local tournaments. Indonesia along with Philippines are two of the strongest mobile legend country in the world currently. Indonesian teams have made a significant mark on the international stage, displaying high levels of skill and teamwork. These achievements have not only elevated the game’s status within the esports scene but have also contributed to a growing interest in mobile gaming throughout the nation. Top players in the country enjoy celebrity like status and are known to make incredible income through salary, prize money and sponsorship deal. It is no wonder that more and more of the younger kids aspire to one day become a pro player. While the game has also attracted its fair share of controversies such as the promotion of togel online in Indonesia, the interest in the game continues to remain strong.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s influence extends beyond gaming, with its characters and lore becoming a part of popular culture in Indonesia. The game’s developer Montoon continue to engage the community with updates, new heroes, and in-game events, ensuring that the experience remains fresh. The rise of Mobile Legends in Indonesia reflects the country’s deep engagement with digital entertainment and its potential to shape the future of esports in Southeast Asia. Being the country with the highest population in South East Asia, it is no wonder that more and more game developer are putting huge resources into Indonesia. 

Evolution of Mobile Legends in Indonesia

Inception and Early Growth

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang was introduced in Indonesia around 2016, rapidly gaining popularity among mobile gamers due to its accessibility and engaging gameplay. Initially, it was seen as a game that filled the void of MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) for the mobile platform, catering to players who desired a competitive gaming experience on-the-go. Furthermore the release coincides with the period of rapid mobile and internet adoption in Indonesia which also gave a huge boost to the adoption of the game.

  • 2016: Game release, initial player base establishment
  • 2017: Rapid growth, introduction to eSports scene, high social media visibility

During the early phase, the adoption was powered by its free-to-play model and the social aspect, enabling players to easily connect and play with friends. The affordability of low end mobile phones also enables Indonesia citizens with an average monthly income of twelve juta rupiah to able to participate in the game.

Major Updates and Evolution

As the community grew, Moonton, the game’s developer, implemented major updates to enhance the player experience and keep the game fresh and competitive. While other competitor such as Arena of Valor were introduced, it fails to gain the popularity of Mobile Legends.

The developer’s commitment to evolving gameplay dynamics and consistent addition of new content helped sustain the game’s popularity, solidifying its position in the competitive gaming space in Indonesia. New heroes are constantly added and meta of the game is evolving constantly. Pro players need to constantly adapt or face the risk of being left behind.

Mobile Legends Competitive Scene

The competitive scene of Mobile Legends in Indonesia is vibrant, with teams excelling in national tournaments and making strong impressions internationally. Each competition are streamed on popular social media network and draws hundred of thousands of viewers.

Top Indonesian Teams

Indonesia is home to several elite Mobile Legends teams that consistently perform at high levels. Notable teams include:

  • RRQ Hoshi: A dominant force, known for their strategic gameplay.
  • EVOS Legends: 2019 M1 World Champions, highly regarded for their aggressive tactics.
  • ONIC Esports: Renowned for their innovative strategies and strong team synergy.

National Tournaments

National tournaments serve as the battlegrounds for local teams to showcase their skills and vie for supremacy. It is also a place where teams can test their skills to equip themselves for the International tournament. Important local tournaments include:

  • Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) Indonesia: The premier league for top-tier competition in the country. One of the most pretigious tournament.
  • Indonesian Games Championship (IGC): A respected tournament that has been instrumental in shaping the local esports scene.

International Representation

Indonesian teams have left their mark on the global stage through impressive performances in various international tournaments. Many Indonesian citizens are extremely proud of what the Indonesian team have achieved over the years:

  • M1 World Championship: Teams like EVOS Legends have won titles, projecting Indonesian talent globally.
  • M2 World Championship: Indonesian teams have continued to participate and succeed, bolstering the country’s reputation in the esports community.

Game Mechanics and Strategies

Mobile Legend Indonesia’s intricate game mechanics and strategies are vital for player success. Mastery of core gameplay rules, advanced techniques, and character builds sets seasoned players apart from novices. The sheer number of heroes and items means that achieving mastery in this game will probably take years of practice.

Core Gameplay

Mobile Legend operates on the fundamentals of a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) similar to Dota and League of Legend. Two opposing teams of five players each strive to destroy the enemy’s base while defending their own. They navigate through three lanes – top, middle, and bottom – each with its own set of turrets that players must strategically overcome.

  • Map Awareness: A key to victory in a player’s grasp. Being constantly aware of where your teammates and opponents are is extremely helpful in making great decisions.
  • Farming: Players must kill minions and monsters to gain gold and experience. Efficiency is the key here as more gold and experience equates stronger heroes relative to your opponents.

Mobile Legends Bang BangMobile Legends Bang Bang

Community and Culture

Player Community

In Indonesia, Mobile Legends boasts one of the largest player communities, with millions actively participating in the game. They often engage on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitch and Twitter to discuss strategies, share gameplay tips, and exchange in-game experiences. Top players are also known to live stream their gameplay as a source of income. Players enjoy watching these players showcase their skill against public players and sometimes also get the chance to interact with them.The community is known for its competitive spirit, which is nurtured through local and national tournaments.

Streaming and Content Creation

The game has spurred a substantial growth in the streaming and content creation ecosystem within Indonesia. Platforms like YouTube and Facebook Gaming are home to numerous Indonesian Mobile Legends content creators. These streamers engage audiences with live gameplay, tutorials, and game analysis. RRQ Lemon and Jess No Limit are among the prominent figures in this sphere. With their insane skill and great personality, they have gone on to become huge social media celebrity.

Fan Events and Meetups

Fan events, esports tournaments, and meetups are a significant aspect of the Indonesian Mobile Legends culture. Annual events like the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Indonesia attract thousands of passionate fans. Moreover, casual meetups and fan-organized gatherings provide opportunities for peer-to-peer interaction and community building. Many of the fans follow these events religiously and the number continue to rise over the years..

Market Penetration

Mobile Legends has achieved notable market penetration in Indonesia. According to a report from the Mobile Marketing Association of Indonesia, as of late 2023, Mobile Legends is among the top three most downloaded games in the country. The game boasts a high engagement rate with Indonesian players, with millions of active users monthly. Being a game that has been released for 10 years, it is quite an achievement

Revenue Generation

The revenue generation from Mobile Legends in Indonesia is a testament to the game’s success. In-app purchases and the freemium model have been particularly profitable. A 2023 financial report showed that Indonesia accounted for a substantial portion of the game’s revenue in Southeast Asia. Moonton, the developer of Mobile Legends, reported over $300 million in revenue from the Indonesian market alone. This has propelled Montoon to the league of major gaming developer and on par with traditional company like Blizzard.

Challenges and Controversies

Mobile Legend Indonesia has faced several notable challenges and controversies, from issues of fair play to balancing and regulatory hurdles.

Cheating and Fair Play

Cheating in Mobile Legends undermines the integrity of the game and erodes trust among players. Instances of botting, unauthorized third-party software, and match-fixing have been reported. Measures such as the implementation of Advanced Server tests and real-time cheating recognition systems aim to combat these practices. While cheating will always be present in any game, it can be said that the effort by Montoon has greatly reduce the occurrence in Indonesia.

Promotion of Situs Togel Resmi

As previously mentioned, top Indonesia Mobile Legend players enjoy celebrity like status and following. With millions of tech savvy followers spread across their different social media, these top players have become the darling for company hoping to market their products. One of the most common product is situs togel resmi, website that allow players to bet on togel, slot and live games. These situs have mushroomed considerably during the past few years and also enjoy huge popularity due to their large selection of games and ease of play. It is estimated that the turn over for these situs togel will exceed Rp300 trillion in the year 2024.

Game Balance Issues

Perfectly balancing a game with a large roster of heroes and items is challenging. Complaints of overpowered characters or unsatisfactory updates can disrupt the competitive landscape and user experience. Moonton addresses these by regularly adjusting heroes’ abilities and stats based on culled gameplay data and community feedback.

Regulatory Challenges

Mobile Legends has faced intense scrutiny from the Indonesian governement due to its massive popularity and its influence on the young generations. Concerns like digital addiction and content appropriateness have led to several interventions. The Indonesia’s Ministry of Communication and Information Technology considered banning the game in 2017 but decided against it after age ratings and digital well being safety features were put in place. There is also concern regarding the messages conveyed by these celebrity gamers to their fans. 

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