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Top 5 Online Brokers to Try in 2024

Top 5 Online Brokers to Try in 2024


Trading is not as simple or conventional as it used to be back in the day. With the speed at which both technology and financial markets are growing, online trading platforms, particularly CFD brokers, have gained popularity in recent years. Online trading apps, like that of AAA Trading, have made it easy for people to trade whatever, whenever, and wherever.

But people often get confused about which online trading platform to choose because, let’s be honest, no one wants to lose their money. This article will address exactly that confusion and shed light on the top 5 online trading platforms you should try in 2024. Let’s begin!

5. Spreadex

Spreadex is one of the top trading platforms, especially in terms of customer experience. The online trading app of Spreadex offers a smooth user experience. Moreover, its customer service always makes sure that the queries and issues of each customer are addressed with due diligence.

Spreadex takes the edge over other CFD brokers over its cost-effectiveness. It does not charge any non-trading fees, making the whole trading process transparent for the customers.

The Forex trading app on the platform is super easy to use. Even a person new to trading platforms can quickly start trading on Spreadex. While there is no option of a demo account available, one does not really need that option on this particular platform. This is because of the brilliant customer service that Spreadex offers.

Some of the downsides of this online CFD broker include a narrow range of markets available for trading and insufficient tools for research. However, this might not be any problem at all for those who love the amazing features that Spreadex has to offer.

4.  eToro

Next on the list is a heaven for trading beginners – eToro. If you are a newbie, you will like commission-free real stock trading. But what you will love even more is a social trading community. Because, the experiences of the traders who have been in the market for a long period of time come in very handy for those who are just starting in the arena. And this is exactly what this platform provides.

Moreover, eToro enables the new traders to replicate the trades of the veterans on the platform. eToro provides the option of a demo account as well, so you can practice before diving into the real trading world.

However, this online trading platform has high fees, which is a bummer for anyone trying to avoid such charges. So be careful of those withdrawals and conversions.


3. AvaTrade

AvaTrade is a very good CFD broker in the online trading market. This platform is both for beginners as well as for experts. Its educational resources are what set it apart from other similar online trading platforms.

Beside the social, commodity, stock, and forex trading platforms, you can find a number of MetaTrader platforms on AvaTrade as well. It is regulated by ASIC and the Central Bank of Ireland, which makes it a trustworthy online trading platform.

Although it does not charge any trading commission, an inactivity fee will apply on a quarterly basis, which is $50. Also, you will always need to keep a minimum balance of £100 on AvaTrade. So, this particular CFD broker might not be for beginners because of the fees.

2. Plus500

If you are an experienced trader, then you might prefer Plus500 over the aforementioned online trading platforms. This is because the right trades on this trading platform can pay great dividends. It is both simple and user-friendly, and it also comes with advanced trading features.

It offers valuable insights into profitable trades, which enables the users to make decisions that are most likely to give them profits on their trades. Plus500 also has great customer service. The live chat feature comes in quite handy in the case of quick queries.

However, there are some limitations as well. First off, this online trading platform has restricted educational resources as compared to other platforms. Moreover, you will be charged an inactivity fee in case your account does not show any activity.

1. AAA Trading

AAA Trading fits true to its tagline, as it makes your trade faster. It ensures a simple trading process for anyone who is new to this online trading platform. It has comprehensive educational resources available to traders, with tutorials, analysis, and trading news available just at a click or tap. What’s even better is that you can start trading for just $5 on this online trading platform.

Like its website, the mobile application by the name of AAA Trading App is extremely easy-to-use and purposeful. You will never miss out on great trading opportunities as the AAA Trading App keeps customers up to date with all the latest developments in the trading world through news, instant price alerts, and push notifications.

Some online trading platforms do not offer variety when it comes to the markets one can trade in. But AAA Trading is not one of those CFD brokers. You can invest in five different markets with AAA Trading, namely forex, commodities, crypto, stocks, and indices.

AAA Trading offers a free demo for beginners and guides them through trading basics and risk management, which is part and parcel of online trading. As for the experts, they can dive straight into the action by opening their account.

This platform suits both beginners and experts. The reason is that it has a number of different benefits on offer, including a registration bonus as high as $10,000 along with quick deposits and withdrawals.


All the aforementioned online trading platforms have both advantages and limitations. Some might suit beginners more, while others attract experienced traders. Fees and other charges are something that should always be kept in mind before choosing any online trading platform.

And since we practically live in a technology world these days, online trading app on any platform matter a lot. Keeping all these considerations in mind, AAA Trading is the online trading platform to choose in 2024 if you want to make the most of your investment.


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